My level is intermediate+ (sometimes a novice other times expert mostly when I am dummy)

Openings: I open one in a colour 12 -21 HCP ,5 in major colours, 4 diamonds and 3 clubs, if 4-4-3-2, I open 1C
1NT 15-17 HCP and a balanced hand, never with a singleton or two doubletons
2NT 20-21 HCP. Possible one 5 colour in major or one doubleton

3NT 25-27 HCP

2D, 2H and 2S are weak maximum 6-11 HCP and 6 in colour.
2C is always strong 22+ HCP and partner bid 2D relay/waiting, always. Itís possible I have a weird strong hand, 8-9 tricks, less than 22+ HCP and I bid 2C.
3C, 3D, 3H and
3S are weak 7 in the colour and maximum 11 HCP. when I open weak I count partners trick as 3 not-vulnerable, 2 if vulnerable.

Answers to colours: With 6-9 HCP and minimum 3 in major in partnerís colour I bid 2.
If I have a good major I bid 1H/S.
If I have no support in the bidden colour or a 5 colour I bid 1NT.

Answers to NT: Stayman 8+ HCP and Jacoby-transfer from 0 -? HCP (2S partner bid 2C relay/waiting) I have 6+ in clubs or diamonds, Gerber asking for aces and kings, I bid 2NT with 9(10) HCP and a balanced hand, I bid 3NT with (10)11-15 HCP and a balanced hand, I bid 4NT with 16-17 HCP asking partner "do you have maximum or minimum?", partner pass or bid 6NT, 18-19 HCP I bid 6NT with 20-21 HCp I bid 5NT asking for slam, 22+ I bid 7NT

If I agree with partner I can play strong 2D 24+ HCP forcing for game, the answers are:
                      2H:    0-7 HCP and no aces
                      2S:    1 ace in a major suite
                      2NT:  8 HCP or more or 2 kings
                      3C:    ace of club
                      3D:    ace of diamond
                      3NT:   2 aces

If I agree with partner I can play multi 2D 6-9 HCP and 6+ in a major
a 4-4-4-1 hand and minimum 19 HCP

Conventions: Stayman, Blackwood, Gerber, Jacoby-transfer to all colours, Cappeletti, Michaels, unusualNT,

If I agree with partner: Cue Bid, RKC, Lavinthal, 4-colour-forcing bid, Texas, DONT, Stenberg, Trelde and STEP

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